We are Duch Delight BCN, a sustainable trademark made in Barcelona.

We are worried about the social and environmental impact of our products and we try to minimise it in several ways: through local produce, using more sustainable processes and materials.

Our philosophy is to work in a sustainable way without renouncing design, with respect for the people who make and use our clothes.

Our project started five years ago with home-printed T-shirts in our warehouse in Igualada (Barcelona). With a budget of under €1,000, we began creating our own label based on the concept of SLOW FASHION.

If you want different results, do not do the same

We are inspired by international and Mediterranean trends, and the result is an urban and cosmopolitan style with a non-conformist and outgoing feel.

We design our clothes from their shapes to their prints. To do this, we are inspired by our Mediterranean spirit, creating and mixing international trends from cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Tokio and New York.
The result is an urban and cosmopolitan style with a non-conformist and outgoing feel


Ethical recruitment and decent work and social conditions.


We use high-quality fabrics, made with natural organic fibres. We use water-based dyes so as to avoid products that are toxic to our health and the environment.


Our pieces are made according to quality standards that guarantee a long useful life.


We produce in small workshops in Barcelona, promoting the development of local economies. Proximity makes production control easier.


One by one, each piece is designed, cut out printed, sewn and labelled by our local workshops with over 30 years experience.


We design and make our pieces in limited editions. We defend exclusiveness and difference in dressing. Therefore, we try to have a limited stock.

Dütch Delight BCN™ | Mediterranean clothing made in Barcelona | ©2016

Gràcies, Thank you, Gracias, Esker, Grazas, Merci, Obrigado,
Dankjewel, Danke, Grazie, Kiitos,Takk, Спасибо, धन्यवाद, ありがとう